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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mana Kamareddy

9 Reasons Why Nizamabad District Is The Backbone Of Telangana..

With a history of over 2000 years with respect to its existence, Nizamabad has always held a special place with the Nizams that named this district after themselves. Before that it was known as Indur after its ruler, King Indradatta who seems to have flourished it during the 5th century A.D. While the history of Nizamabad stands as testimony for the place. There is so much more that Nizamabad is, in all its glory that makes it a major contributor for the cultural, social and economical progress of the state. These are those reasons!

1. Nizamabad city, is one of the 100 cities of India, which is considered for Smart City project.

2.Turmeric industry including cultivation and export in Nizamabad is valued at over Rs 500 crore.

3.Andhra Pradesh and Telangana currently produce 40% of the turmeric in the country and most of the same comes from Nizamabad.

4.Ankapur (Ankapoor)village has been recognized as a Model Village by the International Rice Research Institute for being self-sufficient and progressive.

5.Sri Ram Sagar project located in this district is considered the “lifeline for a large part of Telangana”. 

6.Kamareddy Division is a one of the lead producer of sugarcane and jaggery in Telangana State and Kamareddy Muncipality is one of the fastest growing  town (well connected in terms of Road and Train) in Telangana state. 

7.The turnover of the seed industry in Armoor mandal is around hundred crores. It majorly cultivates pearl millets and Sorgham and is considered the Seed Bowl of Telangana.

8.Dichpally Ramalayam built with white and black basalt stone in the 14th century, is considered as the “Khajuraho of the South” because of its intricate stone carvings.

9.Peddagutta Dargah in Nizamabad is one of the most secular religious places in the two states. Muslims as well as Hindus climb the thousand steps to reach the dargah located atop a hillock.

Along with above Nizamabad District is having beautiful tourism spots like Nizam Sagar Dam, Pocharam Dam, Domakonda Fort, Ashok Sagar and Ali Sagar and many more..Apart from tourism spots in Nizamabad District having famous, sacred Pilgrim centres like Sri Nilakaneshwara Temple (Nizamabad), Sri Siddarameshwara Swamy Temple (Bhiknoor), Sri Chakreshwara Temple (Bodhan) and Sri Kalabhairava Swamy Temple (Ramareddy) and many more..

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